ACADEMY - Play - Based Learning and Lesson Planning

ACADEMY – Play – Based Learning and Lesson Planning

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Data do curso:
16 de janeiro

9:00 às 16:00

Valor: R$ 500,00

Formato: Presencial

• Define what play and play-based learning is in the early childhood and primary years context;
• Describe how we use free-play in language lessons;
• Explain what the Play Continuum is;
• Plan a sequence of play-based activities that balance teacher-led and free-play;
• Identify obstacles preventing you from using more free-play into your lessons and know how to overcome them.

In this course you will experience:


on how and why play can benefit language learners so you can clearly and confidently communicate this to others.

to get a clear picture of how different types of play can be integrated into language lessons.

Collaborate with like-minded teachers to plan and share ideas for lessons with play-based activities.

Claire Venables

Claire Venables is a qualified English teacher who has been dedicated to ELT since 2001. After a decade in Spain, she moved to Brazil in 2011 where she has worked in the creation and implementation of bilingual programs in schools, the creation of teacher development courses, as a national and international speaker, materials writer, and the founder and Director of Active English.