ACADEMY23 - Mentoring - Intensive course for teacher-trainers and school leaders

ACADEMY23 – Mentoring – Intensive course for teacher-trainers and school leaders

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Data do curso:
18, 19 e 20 de julho

9:00 às 16:00

Valor: Até 20/06 – R$1.100,00

Formato: Presencial


  • Discuss different concepts of mentoring and the different roles mentors play in different educational contexts;
  • Integrate the concept and principles of reflective practice into the mindset and actions of a mentor;
  • Work with different evidence-based frameworks for impactful teacher development
  • Distinguish different areas of focus in mentoring;
  • Discuss the connection between lesson planning and lesson observation;
  • Analyze different formats of documentation and strategies for effective feedback;
  • Design and develop a mentoring program for your context;

Tutora: Claire Venables

Claire Venables is a qualified English teacher who has been dedicated to ELT since 2001. After a decade in Spain, she moved to Brazil in 2011 where she has worked in the creation and implementation of bilingual programs in schools, the creation of teacher development courses, as a national and international speaker, materials writer, and the founder and Director of Active English

Tutora: Sthefanie Duarte

Sthefanie Duarte is a licensed English teacher with a BA in Translation and a specialization in English Language Teaching. She has been in the ELT field for over 15 years as a teacher, pedagogical coordinator, senior mentor and education consultant. A member of the Advisory Council of BRAZ-TESOL Brasília Chapter, teacher development is one of her major interests.