The preferred English test for healthcare professionals

Our test is not your typical English test. The OET Test is designed especially for healthcare workers like you. That means you’re tested on topics you already know from your daily work and previous healthcare studies. Plus, it’s trusted and recognised by more healthcare organisations around the world as the preferred test for healthcare professionals.

With the OET Test, you can feel confident you’re selecting an English test that’s relevant to your global healthcare career.

Why choose OET?

Do you need to take an English test to work or study in healthcare in the UK, the US,  Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Dubai, Singapore or Namibia?
Then OET is the test for you!

By taking OET you will prove you have the right level of English plus you’ll be learning the kind of language you will need every day at work.

And, that’s not all – healthcare professionals choose OET because:

What’s in the test?

The test is divided into four subtests: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

The Listening and Reading subtests are designed to assess a candidate’s ability to understand spoken and written English, based on health-related topics and tasks common to all professions.

The Writing and Speaking subtests are specific to the 12 individual healthcare professions and designed to reflect common tasks performed in the workplace.

Listening Reading Writing Speaking
Approx 40 minutes  60 minutes 40 minutes plus 5 minutes reading time Approx 20 minutes
Follow and understand a range of health-related spoken materials such as patient consultations and lectures Read and understand different types of text on a health-related subject. Write a letter, usually a referral letter, but could be a letter of transfer or discharge, or a letter to advise or inform a patient, carer, or group. You will take part in two role-plays. You take your healthcare professional while the interlocutor plays a patient or client, or sometimes a relative or carer.

Assessment Structure

OET covers all four language skills with an emphasis on communication in a healthcare environment.

Listening Reading
Writing Speaking

OET is accepted as proof of English proficiency for visas, study, registration and employment in healthcare.

Why choose OET?

OET is recommended by healthcare professionals. Gain confidence, new skills and career benefits.

Preparing for your OET Test

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Test dates

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